Vol. 6, No 1 (2014)

Proceedings of the II European Geographies of Sexualities Conference

Atas da II Conferência Europeia de Geografias das Sexualidades (Lisboa, Setembro, 2013)


Artigos | Articles

Editorial (English) PDF
Eduarda Ferreira 1-3
Editorial (Português) PDF
Eduarda Ferreira 1-3
The LGBTI community in the 2011 Queensland floods: marginality, vulnerability and resilience PDF
Andrew Gorman-Murray, Sally Morris, Jessica Keppel, Scott McKinnon, Dale Dominey-Howes 4-20
What can asexuality do for queer theories? PDF
Anna Kurowicka 21-27
Social Constructionism, Hegemonic Heteronormativity and Bisexuality PDF
Emma L. Smith 28-37
The ideology of compulsory heterosexuality and the abiding pathologization of homosexuality – is it possible to have authentic recognition without the concepts of freedom and choice? PDF
Alipio de Sousa Filho 38-44
My Spivak is bigger than yours: (Mis-)representations of polyamory in the Portuguese LGBT movement and mononormative rhetorics PDF
Daniel Cardoso 45-64
The medicalization of intersexuality and the sex/gender binary system: a look on the Italian case PDF
Michela Balocchi 65-78
“Free Pussy Riot!” & Riot Grrrlsm: International Solidarity, or the Incorporation of the ‘Eastern Other’ into North/Western Discourses? PDF
Maria Katharina Wiedlack 79-94
Transamerica and Queernormativity PDF
Daniel Berjano 95-103
Same-Sex Relationships in Cameroonian Prisons: Perspectives of Female Inmates and Prison Staff Members PDF
Helen Namondo Linonge-Fontebo 104-113
Homo Skin, Hetero Masks. A Representation of Italian Homonationalism PDF
Antonia Anna Ferrante 114-12